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Choose the right quality awning in Singapore to provide the perfect look and shelter for your home

Polycarbonate Roof

A roof made from strong plastic materials that is able to keep the area bright but without the heat. Perfect for your patio or decking area.

retractable awning singapore

Retractable Awning

Feel like basking in the sun in the morning and then taking a cold drink under the shade? Nothing beats the flexibility of having a retractable awning.

composite panel roof

Composite Panel Roof

A modern looking roof forged with the toughness and durability of aluminium sheets. Fully customisable that comes with a wide range of designs.

Benefits Of Having An Awning

Weather Protection

At the same time as it offers you protection, an awning does the same for your property’s belongings.

With an extension over your windows, awnings can keep your exterior and interior items in stellar condition as well.

It can prevent the sun from damaging your furniture fabric, upholstery, artwork, and even your hardwood floors

Increase Living Space

Having protection over your head outdoors can instantly increase your living space.

Regardless of the weather conditions you can enjoy the outdoors much more and utilize space to host parties, play games with friends or even simply savor a cool drink on a hot day

Beautify Your Home With An Awning In Singapore

Because the styles and designs are many, adding an awning to your property will increase its aesthetic appeal.

You can choose from an array of materials, fabrics, and patterns to get a roof that matches your exterior perfectly.

If you live in a hot and humid place prone to perennial rainfall like Singapore, an awning can only do good things for you.

Not only do you stay dry as it pours outside, you also get to stay cool when the sun is out

Types Of Awnings

Polycarbonate Roof

Polycarbonate roofs are sturdy, able to withstand force and are virtually unbreakable.

They offer the best UV blockage for outdoor sunny areas and keep you dry when it rains.

Lightweight and easily transportable, we can get you covered with a polycarbonate roof on your residential or commercial property anywhere in Singapore

Retractable Awning

retractable awning singapore

One of the most popular roofs types is retractable awnings. This gives property owners the option to enjoy the sun when it is warm enough outdoors or to have some shade when it gets too hot.

With such retractable roofs, the outdoors can even be enjoyed in wet weather.

Retractable awnings may be extended fully or partially making them ideal additions to the deck at home, or in front of your shop or café.

Composite Panel Roof

composite panel roof

Composite panel roofs are a versatile option to cover an outdoor area.

Easy to fashion into different shapes and designs, aluminium composite panel roofs are extremely wind and impact resistant and are ideal choices for commercial roofing.

You can also have one fashioned to fit your home’s roofing needs as these are created to be resistant to the sun’s harmful effect, making them extremely durable.

How We Can Help

Providing exceptional shade solutions throughout Singapore, Silver Awning is your go-to answer when you are looking to cover your patio, deck, pool, or any other outdoor spot on your property.

We are an awning contractor in Singapore that provides fixed and retractable roofing installation services to both residential and commercial clients.

We deliver start-to-finish custom installations giving you professional results that will meet your satisfaction and budget.

Our team of specialists comes with a mix of experience, resources, and expertise to get the job done right and give you the exact quality you can trust.