Composite Panel Roof

composite panel roof

Roofing is an integral part of the building process. It is therefore important that your roofing specialist uses good quality durable material.

Composite Panel Roofs are durable, versatile and are a go-to choice for many homeowners.

What Is An Aluminium Composite Panel

An Aluminium composite panel is made from two aluminium sheets bonded to a polyethylene core in a sandwich panel structure.

The bonding makes it virtually impossible to separate the sheets resulting in a flexible, durable and versatile panel that is customisable to suit your requirements.

The composite panel roof comes in a wide range of finishes that are custom applied to the external face resulting in a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish.

A roofing specialist will be able to give you proper advice on choosing the right awning in Singapore.

Whether you are using them on a new building or are renovating, the aluminium composite panel roofs are a very good choice for roofing material.

If renovating, the flexibility of the material can actually allow you to fit the composite roof panels on top of what was initially there saving you tons of cash as you will not need to remove the existing roof.

The composite roof panels do very well in different kinds of weather and maintain their clean fresh look for a very long time as you continue to do basic routine cleaning.  

They do not corrode nor react to UV rays making them suitable for outdoor applications.

Benefits Of Composite Panel Roofing

Durable : They are durable due to the strong bonding that is done during the manufacturing process.

Customisable : Customisation to a wide range of uses including cladding, walling, and roofing is possible due to the flexibility of the roofing panels.

Modern looking : They offer an aesthetically modern, clean and pleasing look to the finished product.

Wide range of choices : The wide range of finishes available will allow you to pick what works best for you. You can choose from embossed, painted, coated metallic, curved amongst other customisations thus ensuring no limitation in their applications.

Easy to install : A qualified roof specialist in Singapore can easily install the composite roof panels as the installation process is relatively hassle-free.

Easy to maintain : They are easy to maintain with just routine cleaning thus retaining their clean look for a long time.

Weather resistant : They are weather resistant, do not rust and are stain proof.

Cons Of Composite Panel Roofing

Costly : The aluminium composite panel roofing is costly when compared to traditional building materials.

Must be reinforced: If not properly reinforced during the manufacturing process, the panels can dent during violent weather occurrences.

Leakage : While the composite panel itself is waterproof, it is important that the contractor is very careful about the waterproofing and sealing of the joints otherwise they can leak.

If you are looking for a modern and durable roofing material then you should consider the composite panel roof.

It is a material that will allow you to customise the finish to your specifications while giving you all the benefits listed above.

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