Retractable Awning

retractable awning singapore

Retractable awnings are a good investment if you are looking to provide more shade around your home.

But before you sign on the dotted line, let us further understand the pros and cons of installing a retractable awning as compared to a fixed awning in Singapore.

What Is A Retractable Awning

An awning is basically an added extension to your existing roof to provide shade to an outdoor area or to prevent too much heat from entering your home.

A retractable awning gives you the extra benefit of retracting it when it’s not required rather than being a permanent fixture outdoors.

A retractable awning can be operated manually or by a motorised motor that can be controlled by a remote.

Benefits Of A Retractable Awning

A Worthy Long Term investment

There’s no arguing that it is more expensive to install a retractable awning compared to a fixed awning. However, many homeowners do so for the convenience that it provides. In addition to this, it helps to provide adequate shade to your outdoor living areas.

Retractable awnings also help to prevent excessive sunrays from entering your home. This can make your home rather hot and stuffy. Your air conditioner has to work harder just to keep the room cool thus wasting more electricity.

Protects Your Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

Excessive sunlight can have a detrimental effect on your furniture. By providing some shade over your furniture, it prevents them from being ‘sun-bleached’

Retractables Can Last Longer Than Fixed Awnings

The major advantage of having a retractable awning is the benefit of retracting it as and when you want. If the weather is extremely windy, it can be retracted to prevent wind damage.

You can also choose to close it occasionally to prevent the awning fabric from being ‘sun-bleached’.

Cons Of Having A Retractable Awning

Retractable Awnings Are More Expensive

Due to the higher upfront cost of installing a retractable awning, the owner is bound to feel the pinch if it malfunctions or is poorly installed.

Hence it is important to get a quality retractable awning from a reputable awning company in Singapore.

Expensive To Repair

All is good and dandy if your retractable awning is working well. But in the event that the motor breaks down or the electric sensor for the remote no longer works, it might cost you to get it replaced or repaired.

Like most things in life, there’s always a price to added convenience.

If a retractable awning is something that you think would make a worthwhile addition to your home, click on the button below to make an enquiry.